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Choose your own career path

Career maps help you plot out your career path to date and chart where you might like to go

The Choose your own career path tool (also known as the Blockbusters tool) is a simple tool to allow you to map out the steps in your career. These may be steps you’ve taken to date or where you’d like to progress in future.

Rather than be too restrictive, the aim is that by discussing and visualising steps and plotting these out as a path, people can reflect and plan what matters to them and where they may wish to go in their career. Steps aren’t constrained to a certain size or meant to mean just one thing - they’re whatever makes sense for that individual. The map is also not to scale - for someone early on in their career it makes more sense for the steps to be much more granular and detailed, as opposed to someone perhaps 20 years in. Ultimately it’s what helps them understand the patterns and directions their career is taking. We feel it works best as conversation between advocate and individual, perhaps with account lead or colleagues too.

The tool is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence.