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Core skills

Our core skills help you understand what the key things are that we value in everyone at Infinity Works

Core skills help you understand how to gain more influence and responsibility in your career. For Infinity Works they represent the behaviours which help us to be a successful consultancy and which we feel help people grow in their career. Broken down into seven skills, if you can build on these you’ll be able to take on more roles and open up more opportunities to learn and develop.

There are seven core skills we’ve defined. These are as follows:

  • Building great relationships
  • Figuring stuff out
  • Leading the Infinity Works way
  • Developing Infinity Works
  • Embracing change and ambiguity
  • Thinking differently
  • Being technically excellent
  • The last of these, being technically excellent, is covered in the guide for each role. What technically excellent means for a software engineer will of course differ from a business analyst or financial controller role, so we’ve accepted there’s not a way to make this generic.

    For the remaining six core skills, each is broken down into five levels, which loosely map to our five overall career levels: associate, consultant, senior, principal and practice lead, and show how the skill develops across these. Every core skill is described for each level — as a single sentence rather than attempting to be too detailed. We feel that in reality it’s almost impossible to list accurately what a skill looks like for a particular career level. There’s so much nuance as to what good looks like, which will vary by individual and their particular strengths and personality. The aim isn’t to create clones but instead to provide enough structure and clarity to help people think about how they can develop the skills, and to show what our goal is for each skill at each level. So we hope less is more in achieving this.

    We’ve also added some examples against each level, to show practical ways that the skill could be demonstrated. We’re aiming to add to these examples over time as people demonstrate new ways that we’ve not thought of yet and that we feel would resonate with a wider group.

    The best way to view the skills is to use the core skills radar tool which is an interactive way to explore these. It’s also available in spreadsheet form.