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Role guides

For every role that exists at Infinity Works there is a role guide that describes what it means to do that role well

Role guides detail the skills, responsibilities and techniques associated with a given role. Rather than reading like a typical job description, the aim is to help people identify with what the role really means in practice and allow them to consider if it’s something they’re currently doing or may aspire to do in future.

While it’s the case that everyone will have a primary role or specialism, we encourage people to identify with multiple roles if that reflects what they do. We believe there are many benefits to this, both for individuals and Infinity Works. As a consultancy we really value flexibility – people who can adapt to different roles and bring a range of skills are highly effective for us. So having individuals who are comfortable with wearing several hats is something we actively encourage. Sometimes people do aspects of several roles at once while working on a team. On other occasions roles are transient and just exist while they’re needed for a particular client, project or development opportunity.

Likewise new roles can be added as we determine they’re needed — we hold the role guides in GitHub so there’s a clear way to create and propose a new one and a lightweight review and acceptance process. We don’t see roles as fixed things, more an ever evolving set of “things that need doing” to support the business.

It’s worth mentioning that some roles will only exist at certain career levels. Career level is a summary of where you are within Infinity Works in terms of sphere of influence and level of responsibility. It’s a reflection and combination of the roles you do and the IW core skills you have and hence links the two together. To give an example, a tech lead role would likely require someone at or above senior consultant level. That’s because the role requires core skills at that level (or above). Other roles, such as software engineer or advocate, may span a greater range of levels. For instance, you can start your journey in some roles with only a basic grounding in the core skills, though your effectiveness in the role will likely grow as you increase your core skills.